This is a guide to give helpful information to connect your mining software to the {{}} pool.


The first thing you will need before you get started with mining is a wallet to receive funds. The wallet will be used to generate a unique {{coin.symbol}} wallet address which will also be used as your stratum username.

Download the wallet at

Mining Software

You will need software to perform the intense calculations necessary to find blocks for the block chain. The following are miners that are known to work with the {{}} pool.

CCMiner example command line arguments:

ccminer -u {{miner.address || 'walletAddress'}}.workerName -p {{randPassw}} -o stratum+tcp://{{pool.stratum.hosts[0]}}:{{pool.stratum.ports[0].number}} -a {{coin.algorithm}}

SGMiner example command line arguments:

sgminer -u {{miner.address || 'walletAddress'}}.workerName -p {{randPassw}} -o stratum+tcp://{{pool.stratum.hosts[0]}}:{{pool.stratum.ports[0].number}} -k {{coin.algorithm}} --worksize 28

CPUMiner example command line arguments:

cpuminer -u {{miner.address || 'walletAddress'}}.workerName -p {{randPassw}} -o stratum+tcp://{{pool.stratum.hosts[0]}}:{{pool.stratum.ports[0].number}} -a {{coin.algorithm}}

Stratum Parameters

Most mining software will require parameters telling it where to connect to, what algorithm to use, and other parameters. The stratum address for the {{}} pool is at {{pool.stratum.pingedHosts[0]}} and the port is {{pool.stratum.ports[0].number}}. The proof-of-work algorithm used by {{}} is {{coin.algorithm}}.

Stratum Addresses

There may be additional stratum addresses. The one with the closest ping is chosen to display to you. The following is a list of all the available stratum addresses.

  • {{host}}


Your username is your {{coin.symbol}} wallet address that you wish to receive funds to.

Worker Name

The worker name is optional and is added to the end of the username {{coin.symbol}} wallet addresss. ie -u <myWalletAddress>.workerName

The worker name cannot have more than 20 characters. It must consist of alphanumeric characters. Only the underscore and dash special characters are allowed. If these rules are not adhered to the stratum will reject your worker.


The password is optional and is used primarily as a setter. You set the password used on the website to change low risk settings, such as minimum payout, by setting it in your miner parameters. It is recommended to use the same password in all of your miners to prevent confusion as only one will be chosen as valid.

Additional stratum options can be set by adding them to the end of the password.

Stratum Options

Options are set using the password parameter and change how the pool handles your share submissions. They are added after the password and separated using commas.

Minimum/Start Difficulty

Setting the minimum/starting difficulty will allow your miner to start mining quicker and be more stable than the automatic difficulty adjustments (VarDiff) that are used by default, which may fail under certain conditions. The server will not go below the minimum difficulty that you set but will raise it if you are still submitting too fast.

If you don't know what difficulty to set, let the vardiff settle on a difficulty (wait at least 30 minutes) and use that difficulty.

-p {{randPassw}},d=3.5

Verbose Mode

This causes the pool to send back messages to the miner related to difficulty changes and job updates.

-p {{randPassw}},verbose

Strict Mode

MintPond silently rejects stale shares. If you do not want this behaviour you can mine in strict mode by adding strict to the end of your password.

-p {{randPassw}},strict

Multiple Options

You can include more than one option:

-p {{randPassw}},d=3.5,strict,verbose