Getting Started Guide - Beam

This guide contains information about our Beam mining pool.

Table of Contents

top Stratum Info

Algorithm: BeamHashIII

Stratum addresses:



  • 3025 - difficulty: 256 (SSL/TLS)
  • 3026 - difficulty: 1024 (SSL/TLS)
  • 3027 - difficulty: 2048 (SSL/TLS)

Use port 3027 for NiceHash mining.

top Mining

See How to Mine Beam for more information and tools to help you set up your mining rig.

top Parameters

Stratum Addresses

There may be multiple geographical stratums. The address with no geo-tag (i.e. -us) is at the top of the list and will automatically choose the closest stratum for you.

High Latency/Ping

If you are experiencing high ping or latency on a stratum, try different stratums. High latency is often caused by issues in the network between the stratum and client. Choosing a different stratum may yield better results.


MintPond port numbers are arranged where higher ports have higher difficulty (higher ports for faster miners) and ports are duplicated with SSL/TLS secure connections at +5 of the normal port equivalent.

If you are getting kicked for submitting too fast, you should move to a higher port.


Your username is your wallet address that you wish to receive funds to.

Worker Name

The worker's name is optional and is added after the wallet address, separated with a period.

The worker's name cannot have more than 20 characters. It must consist of alphanumeric characters. Only the underscore and dash special characters are allowed. The stratum will not authorize your worker if these rules are not followed.


Do not use the password parameter provided by your mining software - The Beam stratum protocol does not support a password argument so mining software will silently drop the password. MintPond gets around this by using the username field. Your username should be formatted like walletAddress.workerName;myPassword

The password you use in your mining software sets the password used to change your payout settings in the dashboard.

Your password will not be recognized until you submit at least 1 share to the pool.

Use the same password in all your miners to prevent confusion as only one will be chosen as valid.

Do not use commas (,) in your password. These will be interpreted as parse control characters for options.

The password length is limited to 20 characters.

Please allow a minute or two after you submit your first share for the password to propagate from the stratum servers to the web-servers.

top Options

Options are set using the password parameter and change how the pool handles your share submissions. They are added after the password and separated using commas. Since Beam stratums do not use a password parameter, the password is specified with your wallet address and worker name by using a semi-colon (;) to delimit.

ie. walletAddress.workerName;myPassword

Starting Difficulty (sd)

Setting the starting difficulty will allow your miner to start mining quicker by setting the initial VarDiff difficulty closer to the optimal difficulty of your miner.

The best way to determine an optimal starting difficulty is to allow the VarDiff to run normally and see what difficulty it settles on after 30 minutes to an hour. Use the difficulty shown in the worker information popup that is visible after clicking your worker's name.


Minimum Difficulty (md)

Setting the minimum difficulty will tell the VarDiff to not allow your difficulty to be set below a specified amount.


Verbose Mode (verbose)

Modifies the level of messages returned by the stratum.

Not available with Beam

Strict Mode (strict)

MintPond silently rejects stale shares since they are normal and includes them in your hashrate estimate. If you do not want this behavior you can mine in "strict" mode which will send stale rejections to your mining software and exclude them from being counted towards your hashrate.

This does not affect earnings.


Multiple Options

You can include more than one option:


top Payments

Payments are sent to you at the scheduled time after your pool balance reaches the minimum balance.


In order to receive Beam payments, your wallet must be online. If your wallet can't be reached during a payout, the transaction will be canceled and rescheduled.

3 consecutive payment failures will result in your payout schedule being changed to "Disabled".

Payments are sent to miners at the scheduled time after their pool balance reaches the minimum balance.


Beam requires 240 confirmations before the block rewards are unlocked. This is a feature of the coin to be reasonably sure the block won't be orphaned.

While the block is awaiting confirmation, your reward will be added to the “Unconfirmed” balance in the dashboard.

Once confirmed, your share of the reward is added to your pool balance.

Minimum Balance

The payments processor will wait until your pool balance meets the minimum balance before sending it to your wallet.

The default minimum balance is 1 Beam. You can lower or raise your minimum balance by going to Settings popup in the dashboard. This can be reached by clicking on “Payouts” at the bottom of the dashboard (Desktop) or by clicking on “Settings” in the nav menu located in the top-right corner.

You will need the password you assigned via your miner to change the settings.

Payout Schedule

The payout schedule determines when you receive payments.

By default, you will receive payments on the hour whenever your minimum balance requirement is met. You can change your payout schedule by going to Settings popup in the pool dashboard. This can be reached by clicking on “Payouts” at the bottom of the dashboard (Desktop) or by clicking on “Settings” in the nav menu located in the top-right corner.

You will need the password you assigned via your miner to change the settings.

Cancelled Transactions

It's possible for a payout to be canceled if the receiving wallet is not online. In this case, the payout will be rescheduled.

If there are 3 consecutive payout failures, the miner's payout schedule will automatically change to "Disabled".

The MintPond payments processor is designed very conservatively and payouts will only be attempted for 10 minutes before being canceled.

A Word about UTXO's

Each payment you receive is a single UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) added to your wallet. When you send your coins, UTXO’s are added as inputs until they sum to at least the amount you want to send. The more UTXOs required, the larger the transaction size.

Many small UTXOs in a wallet can cause high sending fees and even make the send impossible without breaking the transaction into multiple smaller transactions.

This is one reason that MintPond miners are given a higher degree of control over their payouts with minimum balances and scheduling.