Frequently Asked Questions - Ravencoin


When are Payouts?

The default payout schedule is typically every hour on the hour. Pools of coins that require the wallet to be open to receive funds will payout on a daily basis by default. In all pools you can change your payout schedule by using the "Payout" link located at the bottom of the pool dashboard or in "Settings" of the top right menu.

Available schedules are:

  • Payout Disabled - No payouts
  • Pay Once - Pay at the next hour where a minimum balance exists, then disable payouts
  • Pay Hourly - Pay every hour, on the hour, when a minimum balance exists
  • Pay Daily - Pay daily at midnight (UTC time) when a minimum balance exists
What is the minimum payout?

The default minimum payout is 1 . You can change the minimum payout to as low as 0.002 using the "Payout" link located at the bottom of the pool dashboard or in "Settings" of the top right menu.

What is the payout transaction fee?

The transaction (payout) fee is 0

What is my password to change the minimum payout?

The password is whatever you put as the stratum password argument in your mining software. Any stratum options added after the password are not part of the password.

Why is my password not working?
  • Ensure you are using the password you used in your mining software.
  • Your miner must submit at least one share to the stratum before your password can become valid.
  • Allow a few minutes after submitting a share for the password to reach the web servers.
  • Use the same password in all of your workers. Only one password will be chosen as the correct password.
  • Do not use commas in your password since they will be parsed as option delimiters.
  • Some mining software, such as ccminer, requires the arguments to be in a certain order to work properly.
  • Changing your password can take up to 20 minutes of mining with the new password.
Why are so many confirmations required?

The confirmations required are determined by the coin and serve to prevent funds from being used before being reasonably sure that they are valid and won't be orphaned. MintPond has no control over the number of confirmations required. In order to give funds earlier, MintPond would need to loan coins either from its own reserve or from the balance of other miners who have been encouraged to keep their coins in the pool via high payout fees. Since MintPond is not a bank or a lender, we do not award coins before they're available.


Why does my balance show 0?

Rewards come from blocks mined. When a block is found your share of its reward is added to the "Unconfirmed" value in the Miner panel. When the block is confirmed the pool transfers your share of the reward to your "Balance". If the block is orphaned the pool loses the reward and the value is removed from "Unconfirmed". If your balance is 0 it's because a block has not been found yet and/or the block has not yet been confirmed and the reward amount is still immature.

Why is my hashrate different in the pool than in my miner console?

The way your miner and the pool calculate hashrate are different. The miner has direct access to your actual hashing and so will be most accurate. The hashrate shown by the pool is an estimate based on the number of shares submitted at a particular difficulty over a period of time.

I am mining with several rigs but they all show as a single worker. How do I specify worker names?

When you setup your mining software you can specify the worker name by appending it to the end of the username (wallet address) using a period to separate them. The miner name must be alphanumeric characters with no spaces and can contain dashes or underscores. (i.e. walletAddress.workerName)

Why am I getting "Stratum authentication failed" errors?

Authentication failure can happen if you are not using a valid wallet address or your worker name or password uses invalid characters or are too long. Worker name and password may not be more than 20 characters. The worker name can contain alphanumeric characters, underscores and dashes. It may not contain any other special characters. If these constraints are not followed your authentication will fail.

Why am I being disconnected for submitting too fast?

In order to preserve bandwidth, miners that are submitting too fast will be temporarily disconnected. If this is happening to you then your miner may be too fast for the initial difficulty. In this case try a higher port. If you are setting the difficulty manually via password options then the difficulty you have set is too low.

How do I fix high latency?

High latency can be a problem with the clients network but is more often caused by an issue in the network between the stratum and the client that cannot be fixed by either MintPond or the client.

MintPond has multiple stratums and proxies in different geographical locations. Try each one to see which one gives you the best latency. Alternative stratum addresses are available in the pools Getting Started Guide.

Does the stratum support SSL/TLS ports?

Yes. See the pools Getting Started Guide for a list of all available ports, including SSL/TLS ports.