MintPond is a custom and sophisticated mining pool started as a Zcoin pool in December of 2017 by JCTheMiner, who is neither salesman nor businessman, but an engineer at heart.

MintPond's goals are to be a reliable and honest anonymous pool that supports the decentralization and long term success of the coins mined while also making the success of its miners a priority.

In exchange for its service, the pool charges a fee from each block found. At MintPond you will never incur hidden fees through methods such as rounding down of earnings, the pool keeping the transaction fee rewards for itself, or through direct or indirect redistribution of earnings to incentive one group of miners at the expense of others. The fee is the fee.

This pool exists thanks to the support of the miners who use it. You can vote for MintPond’s continued existence with your hash.


Join our Discord for community support and follow on Twitter @MintPondMining for major announcements.