Hello, my name is JCThePants and I am the developer and operator of MintPond.

Technologically speaking, MintPond is one of the best pools you will find. The number one focus for MintPond is and has been reliability and continues to get better with every upgrade.

I understand the importance of a pool that is always on and that's the number one goal of MintPond. MintPond sports replicated and automatic failover of the databases, multiple failover networks, and multiple modular servers geographically dispersed around the world. If need be more servers can be spooled up to handle additional load.

MintPond monitors itself and implements self healing, especially in relation to the coin node daemons. An email is sent to me wherever a problem arises that can't be dealt with automatically so that I can deal with it ASAP.

Please vote for MintPonds continued existence with your hash!


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This pool will store information such as your mining address and ip address during the course of using it. Any information stored by the pool is used for the sole purpose of carrying out the functions of the pool.

This pool may store cookies in your browser in order to remember your preferences. No analytics software or monitoring is in use.

This pool will store your email address if you subscribe to email alerts. Your email address will be used solely for the purpose of sending email alerts to you and will not be shared with any 3rd party.

Cloudflare is used to secure this website and may have a different privacy policy.

Terms of Service

By using this pool you accept all possible risks. The pool owner will make best effort to ensure you are fairly compensated but cannot be held responsible for irreversible losses.